Premium Automotive & Aerosol

Brake & Parts Cleaner

Part# AA080012

  • The industry leading formula.
  • High strength can for extra cleaning performance and increased pressure.
  • High flow nozzle for added cleaning ability.
  • Micro straw included for those tight cleaning jobs
  • Fast and residue free drying.
  • Non-chlorinated formula

Atomic N.R.G. Brake and Parts Cleaner will blast away safely and completely dirt, grease, grime, oil and brake dust on any metal surface including but not limited to engines, transmissions, differentials, clutches, flywheels, brake rotors, brake drums, backing plates, brake calipers, caliper slides, suspension parts, cross members, splash shields and any other metal non painted surface that is in need of a good old fashion cleaning. The proprietary combination of synthetic cleaners, and solvents will do the tough jobs where others fall desperately short.

PN# AA080012 is supplied in 20 oz cans – 12 cans per case – 15lbs case weight

We also offer a wide range of aerosol products. And will produce O.E.M aerosol cans. Our aerosol factory is number one in China.

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Race Jizz

A product of the Atomic N.R.G. laboratory, Race Jizz is specially formulated to build a protective barrier against mud and grime on action machines. This scientifically engineered protective barrier will also make cleanup easier at the end of the day.

Race Jizz will also restore the appearance of bodywork and trim helping to maintain that factory fresh appearance.