Impurity Face Reader & Cleanser

Amaz’n MItten is an Impurity Face Reader & Cleanser. The cleansing side of the mitten (white side) is a high-density microfiber. It’s designed to remove makeup, oil, and dirt that’s deep within your pours while leaving your face clean, fresh, revived, and smooth as velvet. The innovative reader side (blue side) is our Magi-Tech patent two-tone sensor side. This is what sets our product apart from the competition. 

This side indicates if your face is clean or dirty after removing your makeup. If the face reader side of the mitten turns red, it means face is still dirty. If the face reader remains blue, it means face is clean. Now women (and men) all over the world can have the confidence that their makeup was completely removed without second guessing. The Amaz’n Mitten can be washed with soap and warm water then air dried. It’s also chemical-free. Our feedback from women using this product have been nothing less than Amaz’n!