Jmax California assists China-based companies in developing and growing their business in the United States. With offices in California and Shanghai, we utilize our established supply chains, industry knowledge, and product expertise, along with our 30 years of experience and over 40 employees to advance operations by identifying growth opportunities and classifying risks in order to design product/industry-specific strategies, which improves net revenue and boost overall efficiency.

Experiencing tremendous success in both China, and more importantly the United States, our products have gained wide-acceptance in a variety of industries, including industrial, construction, automotive, and beauty/make-up. We are confident we can adapt and enhance our diverse range of existing strategies and models to create an approach unique for each business. Providing deep knowledge about various subject matters, we have a team of smart, unbiased, problem-solvers who are able to pool knowledge across multiple levels, different functions and a variety of parties to form data-driven approaches and provide informed solutions to the most basic questions, such as “how to grow sales” and “how to cut costs” to more complex such as:

  • How does our company introduce a new product?
  • Should our company enter this market?
  • How to reverse declining profit margin?

Operating our business in multiple locations has given us a competitive advantage and strong understanding for developing successful businesses in the global market.