Barrier Bottle

Substitution for the fluorination process!

Introducing our new BARRIER BOTTLE! It is an industry first plastic bottle that substitutes the fluorination process saving companies expensive costs and lengthly lead times.

The BARRIER BOTTLE was designed and tested to withstand the most aggressive and corrosive chemicals found in the industrial, and consumer industries such as additives, cleaners, and synthetic lubricants. Laboratory tested for 5 years ensures the BARRIER BOTTLE is the highest quality and industry best in plastic bottles.

The BARRIER BOTTLE is made from HDPE material with a specially formulated additive that’s injected into the bottle. (Jmax owns the formula). We will replicate any O.E.M. bottle and color with a mold of customers existing bottle. The BARRIER BOTTLE will be shipped and ready for use (No fluorination needed).

Please contact us for additional information, sample requests welcomed.